My Story

Dagotee Shi Kitty gonzee. Greetings, My name is Kitty, I come from the San Carlos Apache & White Mountain Apache tribes in Arizona. I am the proud owner of Bizhaan Beauty located in Mesa, AZ.

My makeup journey started in 2017 when I started a YouTube channel. I started doing looks with drugstore makeup showing my audience how to create beautiful looks. I started to see Indigenous owned makeup brands pop up on social media which I had to support. I even had the pleasure of working with a few. At that time, there was no representation in the makeup world from my own tribe. That is when I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own brand inspired by my Indigenous upbringing, the rich Arizona Culture, & beautiful Southwestern landscapes & scenery.

In Apache, the elders' definition of "Bizhaan" is a young bachelorette. Over time, the term "Bizhaan" has transitioned into "girly girl" or someone who takes pride in their appearance by utilizing self-care methods. Personally, I like the second definition better as I always try to set time aside for self-care.

Here at Bizhaan Beauty we believe EVERYONE deserves to look and feel beautiful & that it's okay to pamper yourself. Our Motto is: Be Different, Feel Beautiful, & Allow yourself to be BIZHAAN.